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Wedding editor

Tandem is a wedding and events planning agency in Florence, we organize
private events and destination weddings throughout Tuscany.

Tandem is us: Carlotta and Francesca, wedding editors, as we often like to call ourselves, two friends with different stories behind them, but who complement each other and are kindred spirits, lovers of beauty, art and always attracted to creativity. After gaining experience in the field of management, we now specialize in organizing private events and weddings in Florence or any other place in Tuscany.

We are naturally attracted to roads off the beaten path and have a concept of beauty that also embraces alternative solutions to the most usual trends. Thanks in part to our professional upbringing, we have developed great interpersonal skills and an infinite willingness to listen. As pragmatic visionaries we will put at your service energy, passion and the ability to create scenarios that go beyond the imagination: we create fairy tales.

With us you will feel safe from the first meeting, with us there will be no limits to your dreams.

We will be your guide and support in every phase of planning your event, always beginning with your own wishes. Choosing us as wedding planners for your destination wedding in Florence, or Tuscany, means entering a world where good taste and the search for details are combined with reliability and professionalism.

Tandem is the ability to look beyond images and words, it is a vision of love. Just like an editor, who curates a publication by transforming a manuscript into a book, we will read your story to make it a masterpiece to be printed.

Carlotta Forasassi

Francesca Pecori

Are you planning your destination wedding in Florence or Tuscany and are still looking for your wedding planner?

Look no further, contact us and we will be happy to make your dreams come true!