Romantic wedding in Florence

Dream of a Romantic Wedding in Tuscany

Inspirational shooting for a fairytale winter wedding in the hills surrounding Florence


On the night of November 2nd, 2020, in her home in the centre of Florence, Elinor has a dream: she dreams of her wedding in Tuscany, in the wonderful Villa Incontri in Florence.

The air is humid and thick, she falls asleep on a soft blue satin pillow, and begins to dream. It’s almost Christmas and the dream of her fairytale wedding in Tuscany has been part of her thoughts for some time. Unfortunately, this is not the time to make it happen, but she knows that, one day, it will become reality.

Suddenly her body is wrapped in a very light pink dress, soft and generous. A wedding dress, tailor-made and leaving no room for imperfections: skilled and expert hands have chosen that fabric for her, that specific colour and the scarlet red finishes that brighten it so much. She feels comfortable and beautiful.

Her shiny black hair unfolds, and a light makeup irradiates her face. Her dream wedding was finally taking shape. Always used to wearing flat shoes, she now feels tall on the shiny heels of her new wonderful sandals.

Incredulous of her new appearance and the fairy garden she is in, she begins to explore beyond the hedge. The villa, beautiful and ancient, reminded her of a palace. Stone steps and large windows overlooking the garden, an avenue of cypresses, so characteristic of ancient villas in Tuscany, make this place fascinating and romantic. The statues in red terracotta, white marble and a Venus in stone silently observe her light step on the freshly wet grass.

Near an arch of roses, a sumptuous sofa welcomes her; all around, the fall colours almost painted by the explosively coloured pampas render the picture extraordinarily romantic and melancholy. The gold candlesticks frame her small, cosy and intimate living room. The compositions of chrysanthemums and gypsophila transform this corner of the world into a magical and fairy garden. A small, romantic, private living room, where the spouses would have promised each other eternal love.

In the large cherry-coloured living room, the table set is an explosion of colours: blue, orange and pink! The composition hanging above the table looks like a still and taciturn firework that dispenses emotions without making a sound. The decorations on the table bring memories of the romantic atmosphere of a Christmas dinner in winter; the atmosphere is warm and welcoming from the setting, and it immediately makes the imagination fly to the pleasure of sharing a great joy, even if with a few close friends and relatives.

The cake, magnificent and sumptuous with dark and white stripes, is served on a golden plate. The light and dark symbolize the eternal conflict between good and evil, between the sun and the night, between her life before and after … Elinor hears a noise and winces.

She wakes up.

She managed to see and savour her romantic wedding in Tuscany, when she yet couldn’t even spell it out on her lips. She would wait, but someday, she knew it would be so.


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